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The first edit of DJABBIM is complete!

Posted by Kathleen Firstenberg on August 31, 2012 at 5:20 PM

I just emailed Kate Policani my first edit of her latest novel, "Don't Judge a Book By Its Magic" and can't wait to read her response and see her changes. Kate is a wonderful writer and it is honestly a joy to read anything she writes!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a little of my editing process for fictional stories. I usually end up reading the document a total for four times. First, I read it straight through without making any changes (ok, sometimes I can't help myself if I see an apostrophe issue...it's my pet peeve) just to get an understanding of the story and the characters. This helps me to find any plot line holes or inconsistencies during my second read through, where I also do any rewriting of paragraphs and restructuring of sentences. During this stage, I also do fact checking and additional research, if needed. Before returning the manuscript to the author, I do a proofread to double check punctuation, typos, and formatting. Once the author has made or rejected the changes, I do a final proofread to make sure everything is perfect. 

In addition to being a creative, imaginative, and skilled writer, Kate is also incredibly fast. So, I'm sure I'll have an update with all the publishing details very soon!

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